Product information orchestrated API


This API response includes basic product details, parametric data, and limited quality and reliability information with a single endpoint.

Use the standard product information API with individual data endpoints if you do not need the basic, parametric and quality details in one call, as the orchestrated API has a slower response time.

Product numbers that include /NOPB must be URL-encoded before making the API call, or the response will be a “not found” error. For example, you must code LP2982AIM5-3.3/NOPB as LP2982AIM5-3.3%2FNOPB.

Make sure that the encoding process doesn’t have linefeed or new line breaks, such as: LP2989IM-2.5%2FNOPB%0A%0A, as this will also result in a product “not found” error.

Default access limits

  • Quota
    • Sandbox: 1,500 calls a day.
    • Production: 1,500 calls a day.