To get started with the backlog email suite, follow these steps:

  1. Prerequisites for setup and review of onboarding processes
  2. Receive customer identification codes
  3. Review the typical ordering flow for backlog email
  4. Create a test order and receive an order entry response
  5. Create a test change order and receive a change order response
  6. Learn how to receive shipment and payment information
  7. Learn how to submit a quote and receive a response
  8. Learn how to submit remittance advice and receive a response
  9. Get backlog support


Step 1: Prerequisites for setup and review of onboarding processes

Only approved customers can use the backlog email suite. To obtain your customer identification codes:

  1. Create a myTI account or log in to your existing myTI account
  2. Associate your myTI account with a company account
  3. Review the customer onboarding process
  4. Submit the customer onboarding form
  5. Setup TI as a vendor in your internal system
  6. Review the email business guidebook for business and process knowledge


Step 2: Receive customer identification codes

  1. After completion of the customer onboarding form, TI will provide your site's customer identification codes. These codes are used for backlog email connectivity using TI's standard templates for orders, change orders, quotes and remittance advice. These codes also appear on various outbound documents sent to the customer:
    1. The sold-to code is the buying entity
    2. The bill-to code is where TI bills invoices
    3. The payer code is where invoices are paid from
    4. The ship-to code(s) is where TI ships product
    5. The end customer identification code is only for approved contract manufacturers (CMs) or customers purchasing on behalf of another customer
  2. TI's vendor information with banking details will also be provided with the customer identifications codes through email notification
    1. The customer can access TI's vendor information and financial information through a linked PDF. This is provided to facilitate the vendor setup in your system. The PDF will include the TI mailing address, NAICS code, federal tax ID number, annual revenue, and standard payment information. The PDF also includes the link to our annual reports, citizenship report and quality certifications. Depending on your introductory customer onboarding response we will indicate in this email notification the country of our bank for you to utilize in the vendor setup.


Step 3: Review the typical ordering flow overview for backlog email

This graphic shows the entire ordering flow for TI's backlog email suite:


  1. Ensure that the part(s) you intend to order are included in your TI pricing agreement
    1. Upon completion of your customer onboarding form, TI will establish a customer direct price (CDP) for the provided TI manufacturer part numbers (MPNs)
    2. For any new materials, before submission of an email order, please request a new quote
      1. Once a quote is submitted, sender will receive a quote acknowledgment, including the quote number
      2. Typically within one to three business days, TI will send a follow-up email that includes the quote response with the CDP for the requested MPNs sent on the file
  2. Build your order and place backlog orders with TI through email excel
    1. Review the order response. TI will provide an estimated shipment date by line item
  3. For any existing, open backlog orders, submit order changes as needed
  4. Review TI's weekly backlog report format
  5. When the order ships, TI sends a subsequent shipment notification (including the waybill, packing list and commercial invoice)
  6. TI sends the financial invoice to the customer's accounts payable email address
  7. The customer pays through automated clearing house (ACH) or wire with net 30 payment terms
  8. The customer clears cash applications through sent remittance advice and confirms through remittance advice response that cash has cleared appropriately
  9. For email quotes, ordering, and remittance advice, files are to be sent to:

    Test/User acceptance testing (UAT) - cust_documents_test@ti.com
    Production -  cust_documents@ti.com


Step 4: Create a test order and receive an order entry response

  1. Backlog test orders are simulated in our pre-production test environment and are specifically intended to assist customer buyers to utilize the Backlog email suite. To place an order (test or production) you must be approved,  have setups configured and completed the onboarding process. Once customer identification codes are provided, customer can begin testing.
  2. Once successful tests for both order entry and change has occurred, and customer has submitted a remittance advice test, customer can send in production orders
  3. Here is an example of a backlog test order
  4. Upon successful test order, sender will receive an automated order response
  5. Review the order response attachment
  6. See the email business guidebook for a full list of User acceptance testing (UAT) scenarios


Step 5: Create a test change order and receive change order response

  1. Upon a successful test order entry, sender can test an order change, including changes to the customer required date (CRD), quantity, price, or canceling an open order
  2. Review the order response attachment


Step 6: Learn how to receive shipment tracking and invoicing information

  1. Refer to Customer onboarding for more information
  2. On the customer onboarding form, the submitter should provide contact information for shipment notification reports and provide an accounts payable invoice email
  3. Refer to Advanced ship notice and Financial invoice sections for more information and examples


Step 7: Learn how to submit a quote and receive a response

  1. Review the quote submission process
  2. Prior to entering an order, quotes must be sent in for materials that are not setup with a customer direct price (CDP)
    1. Valid listed prices by TI manufacturer part number (MPN) are provided on the TI weekly backlog report
  3. Upon successful quote submission, sender will receive an automated quote acknowledgement
  4. Typically, within one to three business days, a quote response will be received by the sender, including the updated customer direct price by TI MPN
  5. If the price sent on the order is not aligned to the TI CDP, the order response will indicate a price discrepancy, see pricing section for further details


Step 8: Learn how to submit remittance advice and receive a response

  1. Review the remittance advice process
  2. Once TI has issued the delivery note for the order, the financial invoice is emailed directly to the provided accounts payable email list
  3. Upon payment of the invoice, the customer provides remittance advice to TI to clear cash application
    1. Not providing remittance advice details increases the risk that TI does not apply payment efficiently, which can delay payment processing and could lead to a credit hold


Step 9: Where to find technical support

  1. For technical support, see the TI E2E™ design support forums or post your question