Payment information

API ordering supports the payment methods listed below. At this time, API ordering does not support orders purchased with credit cards or those using alternative payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat or UnionPay.

  • Bank transfer. This payment method is available in a number of countries and currencies. Any customer with a bank account can initiate bank transfer without onboarding. Bank transfers typically do not have any transactional limitations and therefore promote higher purchasing power and flexibility. In order to comply with customers’ internal authorization and compliance procedures, TI does ask for the email address of an approver when you create a checkout profile; the approver is usually the person authorized to initiate payments on behalf of your company. For API ordering, however, the default approver is a myTI company account administrator and the default status is set to Approved, i.e. you do not need to undergo an approval process.  After placing an order, you will receive bank transfer remittance details as part of your order acknowledgment response. Alternatively, you may also download your proforma invoice from Order History. Please note, that some bank transfer orders may be subject to minimum order requirements: For USD orders the minimum order value is currently set to $250. For orders placed in non-USD currency, the limit is currently set to 0. The limits are subject to change. Once your order is submitted, TI must receive the payment in full within eight days or the company will cancel the order. For more information about the bank transfer payment method, see our FAQs.
  • Net 30 terms with Apruve. Apruve is a platform that TI uses to manage its terms and invoicing program for online purchases. If approved, Apruve manages invoices, payments and payment reminders for purchases made with net 30 terms. Please note that it is only possible to access invoices for purchases made with Apruve through the Apruve portal, not from the financial document retrieve API. Learn more about how to apply for a line of credit with Apruve and see our FAQs. Once your account is setup you need to retrieve your Apruve account ID to be associated with your checkout profile. You can find your account ID listed in your User Profile within the Apruve account.
  • Direct line of credit with TI. Direct customers who have completed the onboarding process for direct order fulfillment and who have an existing line of credit set up with TI can use their credit line for purchases. If your account is associated with a line of credit you will be able to select this payment method upon checkout profile creation. Contact your local sales representative to learn whether you are eligible for this payment option.

Need to update a checkout profile payment method to support API ordering? Direct your administrator or buyer to our FAQs for help with this task.

Note that API-ready checkout profiles will have a copy button available; click the copy icon in the ID column on the Checkout Profiles page.

Checkout profiles table with an entry in the ID column highlighted

To update the payment method, an administrator or buyer must click the pencil icon on the Checkout Profiles page.

Checkout profiles page with the pencil icon highlighted

On the Edit Checkout Profile page, scroll down to the Payment section and change the payment method in the drop-down menu.

Checkout profile payment selection

Click Save.